Photographing the Wall


An iconic piece of public art, the Fitzrovia Mural was created in 1980 by artists Simon Barber and Mick Jones. Regarded as one of London’s most important outdoor artworks, it was listed by Timeout in 2006 as being among the capital’s top ten murals. Despite being such a prominent feature of the local area, the mural has unfortunately been in a bad state of disrepair for a number of years. Thanks to pressure from the Fitzrovia community, London Borough of Camden have now committed to restore the mural as part of the wider regeneration of the Tottenham Court Road area. In the build-up to the restoration, Fitzrovia Mural: Restoration in the heart of London aims to increase awareness of the mural, to tell its story and to enable the mural to give back to the Fitzrovia community through a fundraising campaign. Thanks to the support of the The Fitzrovia Centre the project began in July 2015 with the mural being professionally photographed using a cherry picker crane. As a result, large-scale prints highlighting key sections of the mural were brought together for a special exhibition at Arup in January 2016.